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Laying step plates - step by step instructions

Stepping stones in the garden bring solid ground under your feet without paving it. Laying is not difficult, but should still be planned carefully. As long as the sun is shining, the world is in order, but the German weather is giving us constant rain, so many garden owners tiptoe through his green oasis.
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Garden Tips

Blueberries for the garden

You can also have blueberries in the garden. The forest is home to blueberries or blueberries. If you like walking in the forest a lot, you can snack on it or pluck it in taller people and transport it home. But that doesn't have to be the case, because blueberries are also available for the garden.
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Ideas & inspiration

5 mistakes in gardening tips

Different wisdoms are circulating For many years, some wisdom has been circulating in the garden tips that not all voices. Lies were often lied about when it came to combating pests or plant diseases. Error 1 - The imperial crown as a vole fighter For example, it has also been said that the imperial crown drives the voles out of the garden.
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Tips & Tricks

Tap water - not suitable for every plant?

Water Your Plants With Rainwater Surely water your plants regularly. You’re going to pour them all with tap water, right? It is best to use rainwater and houseplants and balcony flowers and the plants in the winter garden must be watered regularly. Summer and winter.
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Home & garden

Transplanting cherry laurel - explained step by step

You don't like the current location of your cherry laurel? Then simply transplant it. But be careful, because there are a few things to consider. Cherry laurel hedge The garden is usually the same as the apartment: at some point you just have to have a breath of fresh air. Of course, changing something in the apartment is quick.
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