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Bedding plants

A small pond in just 3 steps

The zinc tub becomes a small pond Many hobby gardeners dream of having their own pond in the garden. However, they shy away from the work and the costs. Indeed, a large pond involves a lot of work and a few euros. If a small pond is enough, you can save a lot of money and work, still have rippling water and can welcome many new animals in the garden.
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Home & garden

Preserving vegetables - 5 options presented

Vegetables do not always have to be cooked on the table. Here are 5 ways how you can preserve vegetables and serve differently. Vegetables can be preserved in various ways Almost every gardener is familiar with the problem that numerous vegetables reach ripeness at the end of the season, but they can no longer be consumed immediately.
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Caring for poinsettia - 4 tips

Here we explain how to take care of your poinsettia and keep it summery so that it can bear its red leaves again after a year. As soon as the advent season approaches each year, innumerable flower shops offer the Christmas star (Euphorbia pulcherrima), which actually comes from America, in different sizes.
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Garden Tips

Use beneficials in the garden

Shelter for beneficial insects If you no longer want to bother with pests, you should use beneficial insects in the garden. You can attract beneficial organisms Simply open your own beneficial species garden. You don't even need much for that. A wooden frame, maybe a discarded shelf, which you divide into compartments and fill with straw, wood, leaves, potsherds and stones - that is usually enough.
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Ideas & inspiration

Disposing of autumn leaves - 5 tips

When the many colorful leaves fall to the ground in autumn, many don't know how to dispose of the autumn leaves. Here are 5 tips on what you can do with it. You can compost the autumn leaves. Beautiful natural spectacle. Every autumn, the leaves of the deciduous trees change color.
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Tips & Tricks

Mealybugs on cacti - how to fight them?

Mealybugs are also called mealybugs If you have cacti at home, you do not need to take special care of them unless you have discovered mealybugs on the cacti. Cacti are undemanding Cacti are popular plants because they are usually quite undemanding and need little water. So you can also go on vacation without having to be watered regularly.
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