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Clean leaves of houseplants - 3 tips

Clean leaves of houseplants - 3 tips

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Dust also settles on plants over time, which is why you should clean the leaves of your houseplants regularly. Here are three tips.

The leaves of houseplants need to be cleaned regularly

House plants should be cleaned of dust at regular intervals, because this not only promotes their vitality, but also makes them look better. Since the houseplants cannot hope for downpours like outdoor plants, you have to lend a hand and clean the leaves. In this regard, we have put together three tips for you to keep in mind when cleaning the leaves.

Clean plant leaves properly - 3 tips

Tip 1 - dedusting plants:

Large-leaved houseplants in particular can easily be dedusted, for which the use of a very fine-pored cloth or a feather duster is well suited. However, you should be particularly careful when doing this so as not to injure the individual leaves.

Tip 2 - shower plants:

It is even easier to shower off the houseplants, which can easily be done on the balcony or terrace on warm days - but not under direct sunlight (risk of leaf fire). It is advisable to take the shower in the morning or evening. You should also use slightly tempered water for this.

You can also shower your houseplants in the shower or in the bathtub. This has the advantage that the plants do not have to be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Alternatively, you can of course wet the houseplants with a spray bottle.

Tip 3 - make plants shine:

Many plant owners love it when the leaves of their houseplants are shiny. For this purpose, you can rub the plant leaves very carefully with milk or vegetable oil, for example. However, such treatment can also lead to damage to the plants in individual cases (intolerance), which is why you should only carry this out in exceptional cases.

Very important: the right additional care

If you ever clean your plants, then you should always carry out a complete care measure whenever possible. This includes the removal of withered leaves and flowers, any cutting or fertilizer that may be necessary, and checking for pest infestation. Furthermore, you can also use this opportunity to clean the associated plant containers.


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