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Trip hose garden hose - 4 tips for correct storage

Trip hose garden hose - 4 tips for correct storage

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Caution, trip hazard!

An important utensil is the garden hose. This is probably the most common of all garden tools. That is why it usually lies untidily on the lawn, tripping over there and if you are not careful, you can even damage it while mowing the lawn. But that doesn't have to be the case if you choose one of the following four tips.

  1. The hose cart
  2. The easiest and cheapest way is to work with a hose reel. If necessary, the hose is unrolled, after pouring it can then be rewound like a cable drum.

  3. The hose box
  4. A so-called hose box is a great, but not exactly cheap thing. The hose is wound up just like the hose reel and can be unrolled at any time. However, it has a fixed place and is equipped with an automatic return function, which is known from the vacuum cleaner cable. A push of a button and the hose is wound up independently.

  5. tube holder
  6. The hose can also be laid permanently. With the help of pipe holders on the paths or on the edge of the bed, it is always tidy and immediately at hand.

  7. Garden hose underground
  8. It is even more professional, but also more expensive, if the hose is laid underground. This is certainly the most complex method of storing the garden hose, but then you have a completely invisible irrigation system.

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