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Keep trees clear of grass - how it works

Keep trees clear of grass - how it works

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Always keep the tree disc clear for young trees

We all know the fruit trees that grow in the middle of meadows and bear abundant fruit. Many hobby gardeners also want this and put a fruit tree in the middle of the lawn. The soil that no planting the tree grass more is then sprinkled with grass seeds.

After all, the lawn should extend to the tree trunk. If you do this, then please do not be surprised if the tree does not grow as you imagine.

Roots need nutrients

The grass is to blame. A young tree that is not yet properly rooted needs all the nutrients that the soil offers. If grass has been sown, these nutrients do not reach the roots.

Put on a tree slice

This means that you should put a so-called tree slice around the tree. At least 50 to 70 centimeters around the tree trunk, no other plants and no grass are allowed to grow, but bare earth must be here. Nutrients and water can get to the tree roots better. If the tree has grown well after a few years, lawn can be sown right up to the trunk.