Recognize good garden online shops - 5 identifying features presented

Recognize good garden online shops - 5 identifying features presented

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Going to a shop and shopping - that's yesterday's snow! Today shopping is online. But how do you recognize good garden online shops?

You can also buy plants online

Garden online shops are becoming increasingly popular. And that is not surprising either, because they attract customers with great offers in all seasons, have a wide range of products and they can convince more and more with excellent quality. In addition, a garden online shop is always open! You can conveniently shop at all times of the day and night, as well as on Sundays and public holidays. In the end, the plants are delivered directly to your home and you sometimes no longer have to organize difficult transports of large plants yourself.

But as with so many online shops, there are also some “black sheep” in the garden online shop category. Therefore, you should check before you order something in an online garden shop whether it meets the following criteria.

Identifying features of a good garden online shop

1. Variety description & care instructions:

Good online shops also have their own variety description and associated care instructions for each individual plant offering. You can then see on the computer whether you can also provide the right location for the desired plant.

➤ Tip:

When shopping, you should make sure that a specialist telephone hotline is available at the selected garden shop, which answers any additional questions about the individual plants at any time - even after the goods have been purchased.

2. Delivery conditions:

As a rule, the delivery period for garden plants is between early spring and autumn. Garden decorations or accessories, seeds and other accessories can usually be ordered and delivered all year round.

Good providers also guarantee their customers delivery on a desired date. Great service, but keep in mind that this is often associated with additional costs. However, this service offers the advantage that you will be on site on the day of delivery and, on the one hand, you can personally receive the plants and, on the other, you can take care of them optimally.

After receiving the goods, you should check them immediately. If damage occurred during transport, you should submit a complaint to the respective garden shop immediately by email or phone. The same applies to withered plants, broken root balls, broken branches and the like.

3. Exchange & Growth Guarantee:

Plants that have reached the customer in poor condition or have suffered transport damage are usually exchanged at any time. An exchange due to the dissatisfaction of the respective plant takes place at renowned garden shops within the first 14 days. In special cases, undamaged plants may still be exchanged afterwards for reasons of goodwill.

Many garden shops also give their customers a so-called growth guarantee, which is usually granted over a period of 2 years. During this time, you can easily exchange plants that do not grow or bloom or do not bear fruit after following the care instructions.

➤ Tip:

Before buying in an online garden shop, you should definitely pay attention to this additional service! If it is not explicitly stated on the website, you can ask for it again by e-mail.

4. Test certificates & quality seals:

In the meantime, a number of test seals have been issued for secure internet shopping, which can certainly be useful as a decision-making aid for a purchase from the respective online retailer. However, you should always question the quality seals shown on the individual websites if they are not known in detail. To do this, simply search for the origin and meaning of the respective test certificate or quality seal using a search engine.

5. Price comparison:

Nowhere is it easier to compare a wide range of goods directly with one another than online. Of course, the fact that the many garden shops on the net bow to this fact and usually even offer seasonal bargains on their websites. Good online garden shops also offer their customers a regular newsletter in which discount campaigns and special prices are published, as well as new plants, garden tips and much more.

Our tip: Prefer local nurseries!

Behind many online offers is often a large nursery close to where you live, offering your own range. These offers have the advantage that a supplier who is as close to the location as possible can come up with plants whose location needs have already been adapted to the local conditions and the plants can then grow in their own garden much more easily and thrive better. Therefore, you should always check whether there is a nearby garden center behind the garden online shop of your choice. If so, you should buy the plants there rather than in the online shop.