Trees too high - what to do?

Trees too high - what to do?

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If trees have grown too high and therefore deprive the other plants of oxygen and your own view, the specialist must take action.

Prune the trees in time.Trees in the garden or on your own property breathe life into the area and give it a natural character. Usually varieties such as chestnut, beech or linden are planted. They serve well as a privacy screen and oxygen supplier.

It takes a while for the small plant to develop into a stately specimen, so there is hardly any thought that the trees could one day become too big. But if it happened, what then?

Trees that have become too high have an overwhelming effect. Take the beautiful view of the house. In addition, the trees with the large roots draw water and nutrients from the remaining plants in the garden.

Trees grown too high - Now the specialist has to get started

In that case, the solution is to have a specialist come to your home. You cannot master this task alone. The gardener cuts individual branches and removes them. He knows exactly where to start the saw. The disadvantage is that the tree loses its natural habit.

Prune trees in time

In order to avoid this problem, it is better to find out the expected height before buying, or to trim yourself if the tree is still small. If you want to save yourself this effort entirely, then use small species such as mountain ash, elder or the vinegar tree.