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Planting tomatoes - from care to harvest

Planting tomatoes - from care to harvest

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Always plant tomatoes after the ice saints and make sure they are sunny. There are more tips here.

Tomatoes need a sunny place

Many gardeners plant tomatoes in their garden because the taste is incomparably better than that of the purchased specimens. There is a wide choice between varieties, but all need the sun. So that you can harvest abundantly, every tomato plant needs to be taken care of and every now and then it also needs a portion of fertilizer. Our tips reveal exactly how to proceed.

Planting tomatoes - how and where?

The best place to plant tomatoes is on the south side of the garden. The soil should be rich in nutrients, so it is best to work with compost beforehand. If you have decided on a variety, do not place the individual, early plantlets one after the other, too close together. Keep a distance of 40 - 60 cm within the row. If several rows are planted, a good 100 cm space must remain between the rows. The root ball comes about 5 cm deep into the ground so that it is well covered. All plants are given a trellis or a pole to which they are tied. The higher the type of tomato, the higher the stick must be.

Planting tomatoes - when?

The delicate tomato plants do not tolerate frost. So be patient and do not expose the plants until mid-May. If you bring the tomato plants to the garden in April, you have to watch the weather. If night frost is predicted, the tomato plants must be covered with foil or garden fleece. So that no sweaty water forms, the cover must be put down again in the morning.

Tomatoes need a lot of water and fertilizer

Tomatoes are very hungry for water, especially on hot days they need a lot of moisture. They also love giving fertilizers because the growth is all the better. In the course of their growth, they put on small white flowers, which soon turn into the first green fruits. When the first flowers can be seen, you can start fertilizing and repeat it every 14 days.

Tomatoes need care

You can cut the tops of the plants if there is enough fruit. By cutting, the fruits receive significantly more nutrients and develop fully. Only when the fruit is red or, depending on the type, orange to white, can it be harvested. The green tomato must not be eaten because it contains toxic substances.


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