Foliage from the neighboring property - who is right?

Foliage from the neighboring property - who is right?

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Leaves can quickly become a point of contention

Neighborhood disputes are unfortunately becoming increasingly common. Especially if you have a garden and your neighbor does things that don't suit you - or vice versa.

Courts have to deal with such trifles on a daily basis. You could do a lot with a mere conversation. Or by simply reading what is allowed and what is prohibited and what you have to do and what your neighbor has to do.

Who is right?

The Foliage from the neighboring property is such a point of contention. The neighbor has tall trees and leaves keep blowing from there to your property. Of course you don't like that, after all you have the work with it. But can you do something about it? Courts have decided that this is not possible.

Pay cleaning work

Trees have foliage and it is common for them to shed their leaves. However, judges can also decide that the garden owner whose trees cause the “dirt” in other gardens is diverse Pay cleaning work got to. But that depends on the location and differs from case to case. Tolerate best, that saves money and nerves.