Bitter the Sugar Loaf Salad - With these 4 Tips it Works!

Bitter the Sugar Loaf Salad - With these 4 Tips it Works!

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Although it's called Sugar Loaf Salad, it tastes anything but sweet. On the contrary, it tastes bitter! But not if you try these 4 tips.

Sugarloaf salad

The Sugar Loaf Salad is closely related to the endive and just like this one, it also contains bitter substances. Of course, these bitter substances are very healthy, but not everyone's taste. Preparing with some types of fruit such as oranges, bananas or apples, the slightly bitter taste harmonizes excellently, but you have to like it. If you absolutely cannot get used to a very bitter taste, there are also one or two ways you can debitter the sugarloaf salad.

4 tips to debitter the Sugar Loaf Salad

Tip 1 - Cooking Sugar Loaf Salad:

There is a very simple way to remove the bitter substances from the chicory salad. If you want to warm it up anyway, you can boil the Sugar Loaf Salad. To do this, place a saucepan with salt water, add the salad and cook a little. Then remove it, drain well and, finally, squeeze it out properly. You can then process it immediately.

Tip 2 - Put the Sugar Loaf Salad in water:

If you don't want to boil the salad, you can also put the sliced ​​sugar loaf in lukewarm water for four to five minutes and then drain it thoroughly. Since some vitamins are lost during this process, you should not leave the salad in the water for too long.

Tip 3 - serve sugarloaf salad with vinegar and sugar:

But even if you add some vinegar to the lettuce leaves, the bitter taste will subside. On top of that, you can add a little sugar to the dressing to neutralize the bitterness a bit.

Tip 4 - harvest sugarloaf salad late:

There is another way you can take away some of the bitter taste of the Sugar Loaf Salad. To do this, you simply have to leave the salad on the bed until it has got some frost. A little frost will make the Sugar Loaf Salad a little milder in taste. Recommended reading: Planting Sugar Loaf Salad - This is how it's done.