Creating a Japanese garden - Our suggestions

Creating a Japanese garden - Our suggestions

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Japanese gardens are trendy

The creation of a japanese garden finds ever larger followers among the garden delights. In addition to gravel-lined areas, artistically cut trees grow amidst colorful flowers.

All plants are low growing and, in addition to oddly shaped stones, also offer a neatly structured view. The garden ensures peace and harmony and offers a picturesque place to stay even in the smallest of spaces.

So you can already with a few selected plants such. B.
- blooming rhododendron
- artistically cut box trees
- small pine and Japanese maple
- Japanese blood grass (and other types of grass)
create his oasis of wellbeing.

Pond and privacy screens should not be missing

To each japanese garden also includes a small pond, which should be the center of the garden. If you want to make the garden opaque, a bamboo screen protector fits perfectly. Behind it, you lay down your seat and enjoy the view of your garden from there.

White pebbles are the highlight

Instead of a lawn you give white pebbles to the earth and rakes it in wave form. They are intended to remind you of the wave movement of the water or the sea and are an absolute must in every Japanese garden. Such ornaments also look pretty around the plants. Small wooden pagodas, which are located on the sidewalk, complete the garden.

Book tip: Japanese-style gardens
Using examples from Japan and Europe, Jean-Paul Pigeat makes the Japanese garden soul clear and, with this book, offers instructions on how to transfer Japanese gardens to western conditions without simply copying them lifelessly. All necessary plants and their arrangement are described in detail. Perfect for beginners and advanced. Read more here ...