Separate carrots - create space for greater yield

Separate carrots - create space for greater yield

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Carrots need special care to thrive vigorously. this also includes separating. Read here what is hidden behind it.

Carrots should be planted at a certain distance

Carrots are one of the most popular types of vegetables. Young or old - everyone loves the orange root vegetable with its slightly sweet taste. Carrots are of course much better and more aromatic when grown in your own garden.

But there is a very important point here that every hobby gardener should not forget. If the vegetables grow too close together, the roots cannot develop very well because there is not enough space for growth. Only small, measly carrots emerge, which are ideal for snacking, but less find their place in the soup pot.

To prevent this, it is necessary to separate carrots. We'll tell you exactly how this works.

❀ Sowing carrots in the garden

Make sure there is enough space for the plants while sowing. The carrot seeds are sown in rows, the distance between the individual rows should be about 15 to 20 centimeters.

Sowing is carried out in gutters, which, however, should not be deeper than one or two centimeters.

" Tip: By the way, you can save yourself from later separating by using seed tapes. The perfect distance is already specified here. To be able to orient yourself better later, you can also stretch a marking tape and sow the seeds along it into the gutters.

After the seeds have been placed in the individual rows, they are lightly pressed on and covered with earth. Now just water a little.

❀ The separation of the carrots

Separating the carrots is not only necessary to give them more space. If the plants are too close together, they will not only grow worse, but also become more susceptible to various diseases.

Of course, not all seeds always sprout, so the carrots will not appear evenly in the rows. In this way, several gaps in the rows are created all by themselves.

In order to create more space for the carrots, the weakest specimens are removed immediately, which creates further gaps.

Then surplus ones are removed from the more vigorous seedlings, so that at the end there is a distance of at least three to four centimeters between each plant. When pulling out the seedlings, always take hold of the plant below as deep as possible and then pull it out of the ground.


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