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Planting and caring for sorrel - this is how it's done

Planting and caring for sorrel - this is how it's done

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Sorrel is mainly found on meadows. But lately he has been growing more and more in the garden. No wonder, because it is not particularly difficult.


Sorrel is a plant that has rarely been found in German gardens. Not least because many see it as a weed. But lately, more and more hobby gardeners have discovered this spicy herb for themselves and grown it in the home garden. No wonder, because the plant, which is also known as garden or meadow sorrel, is not only perennial, but also gives many salads and soups a spicy, slightly acidic aroma with its leaves.

Sorrel is not a weed in any case, but rather a delicious vegetable. In France and Belgium, the creamy soup is e.g. a real hit. So in future, do not just dispose of it on the compost, but rather grow it as a real vegetable. You will be amazed at the great dishes that can be conjured up. Reading tip: use weeds - this way you can still use Giersch & Co. sensibly.

Sowing the sorrel

❖ Location:

You can find various types of sorrel on the market that are suitable for growing in the garden. These differ not only visually, but also in taste. If you offer all these varieties the ideal location and the best care, the sorrel will not only grow up to 100 cm, it will also get crisp, light green colored leaves and a great aroma.

In order to achieve this, you need to know that the sorrel prefers deep and medium-heavy soil with a pH of less than 6 (reading tip: measure the pH of the soil - this is how it's done). The location can either be in the full sun or in partial shade, because the sorrel copes well with both. However, the leaves of the plant remain tender longer in partial shade.

❖ Sowing time:

It is best to always start sowing the seeds at the end of March. Then you can harvest between June and September. However, it is also possible to sow in August. Then you have to wait until next year to harvest.


Always harvest only the fresh leaves. However, you should leave the heart leaves so that new leaves can be attached.

❖ How to plant:

An arrangement in rows is ideal for cultivation. It is best to choose a distance of 30 to 40 cm between the individual rows and spread about 50 grains per linear meter. Then press the grains into the earth about half a centimeter deep.

Depending on the weather, germination takes between one and three weeks. Once the seedlings have put on the first leaves, you can separate them within the rows.

Care of the sorrel

➤ Remove flower shoots:

Basically, the sorrel is very easy to care for. However, it is advisable to remove the flower shoots regularly so that leaf formation and growth are stimulated. They only cost the plants unnecessarily strength.

➤ Watering / fertilizing:

Make sure that you always keep the soil nice and evenly moist. A supply of humus is also recommended. An additional fertilizer application is usually not necessary as the sorrel is not a heavy feeder. However, if you want to achieve a particularly rich harvest, you must give the plant nitrogen once a month.

➤ Diseases and pests:

The sorrel is not as susceptible to diseases and pests. Only the leaf beetle can occasionally bother him. But this is rarely the case.