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The seeds don't work - 5 rules bring help

The seeds don't work - 5 rules bring help

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Sometimes the seeds don't work

Hobby gardeners always like to try sowing their own seeds for vegetable or herb planting. In spring, the bed is eagerly sprinkled and soon noticed that little to nothing is coming. The Seeds don't grow and there can be many reasons for this:

  1. Give cold stimulus - Many seeds need cold to germinate. If there is no spring, the seeds will not germinate either. The solution: put the seeds in the refrigerator until germination. For example, wild garlic is affected.
  2. Keep animals away - seeds do not disappear from the earth through magic, but often through birds that peck them out. A small scarecrow or a clattering wind chime can help here.
  3. Rain sweeps away seeds - If too much rain falls, it can wash away the seeds from the soil. Film to cover the seeds can help here.
  4. The floor is too dry - this can also be a reason. Keep moist, because seeds need a lot of water.
  5. Pay attention to sowing times - If you think you can sow Chinese cabbage in March and peas in August, you shouldn't be surprised if nothing grows. The sowing times should already be observed.

Five rules that are not too difficult and if you follow them you will surely have a rich harvest.