Planting errors uncovered - 3 gross mistakes when planting

Planting errors uncovered - 3 gross mistakes when planting

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Did you know?

There are a number of mistakes that you make wrong when planting and wonder if nothing grows or if it breaks. Three planting errors we want to clarify here:

  1. Put flowers from the pot deeper into the earth, This is not correct! A plant is usually placed just as deep in the ground as it is in the pot in the ground. Exceptions confirm the rule: some roses and clematis are actually planted a lot more deeply. All other plants cannot tolerate this, they could suffocate.
  2. After planting, step on the soil, This is also not correct! The soil should be as loose as possible so that the plants can settle well. Freshly planted plants should also be slurried. This way they can make better contact with the ground.
  3. Always add peat when planting, that can never hurt. That too is not correct! Because it can do harm. Peat makes the soil acidic and most plants cannot tolerate this. Rather loosen the soil well, so the plant has more of it.

Admit it, you did one or two things wrong. Until now, because now you know.