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How to grow magnolias from seeds - step by step instructions

How to grow magnolias from seeds - step by step instructions

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Did you know that you can grow a magnolia from seeds yourself? It's pretty easy, but you need a little patience here.

This is what a follicle looks like

Magnolias simply look wonderful and enchant us year after year with their great flowers. Unfortunately, a magnolia tree from a hardware store or garden center can sometimes be a little expensive. No wonder, therefore, that more and more amateur gardeners are wondering how to multiply it themselves. If you are a very patient person, you can use the magnolia e.g. multiply from seeds.

How do I get the seeds of the magnolia tree?

After the magnolia has blossomed, elongated pods develop from its flowers. These are commonly referred to as “follicles”. Inside are the seeds. And this is exactly how you can access them:

As soon as the pods of the tree are dry, they burst open. This is the right time to remove the seeds that are in a red shell. You must then leave the seeds in lukewarm water for a few days. Then you can take them out of the water and rub the red pulp. Then place the dark magnolia seeds in a storage jar with some damp sand. The seeds must be completely surrounded by the sand. Then seal the can airtight and store in the vegetable or freezer compartment of the refrigerator until sowing.

How to propagate the magnolia through seeds

At the beginning of spring, when the garden soil is no longer so cold, you can sow the seeds. The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. First fill a little loose substrate in flower pots. Then put the kernels in and cover with earth. The height of the layer of earth that lies above the cores should correspond to the diameter.
  2. Now you can dig in and water the flower pots in the garden. The earth should be moist.
  3. The germination time of the seeds is very different. So it can happen that some seeds germinate quite quickly, while others have to wait many months. Here it is necessary to exercise patience.

Then there is everything to consider

If the air is cool, it is advisable to cover the flower pots in the evening with a glass plate. However, if there is more frost, it is better to dig out the pots again and bring them to a frost-proof but cooler place.

The germinated, young magnolias are also very sensitive to frost. Because of this, it is advisable to leave the plants in the pots for a winter and to bring them into the house in the event of frost. The following winter you can then plant the magnolias directly in the garden. Reading tip: planting magnolia - step by step instructions.