Video: brown water in the pool - vitamin C helps

Video: brown water in the pool - vitamin C helps

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The joy of the swimming season is great. Especially with children. You let water into the pool, add all the chemicals to improve the quality of the water and then that ... The next morning, the water is a single brown broth.

If you have a garden, you often have a fountain. It is also much cheaper than constantly using the drinking water from the local supplier to water and fill the pool. What many do not know is that well water contains a lot of iron. In conjunction with the chlorine, the iron oxidizes and settles on the floor as a brown layer. The video clip shows you what will help now. Namely vitamin C. The ascorbic acid contained in the water quickly clears it again. Vitamin C in powder form is available in pharmacies or online for around 10 euros.

Did you know?

Well water is more susceptible to algae than tap water. This is because well water has a lower oxygen content. You can avoid algae in the pool by:

  • Add algae agent to the pool water
  • Add chlorine
  • clean the filter regularly
  • Add fresh water regularly
  • cover the pool (algae love sunlight)


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