Make a stone-look planter yourself - video instructions for creative hands

Make a stone-look planter yourself - video instructions for creative hands

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»Watch video on Youtube«

Planters are available in many different designs, sizes and colors. The bigger and fancy they are, the more expensive they are. You can leave a lot of money there. But one likes to do it, after all everyone wants to feel good.

Today I came across a video from the program “Gartenzeit” from WDR. It is a bit older, but still just as brilliant. In this clip, Anne Rahn makes planters herself. The special thing about it is that the troughs look as if they were hit by a stonemason themselves. I am really amazed at the containers that everyone has lying around at home, that you can make flower pots yourself.

For those who love the extraordinary and are a bit creative themselves, you should definitely watch the video. Off-the-shelf planters are now finally a thing of the past.

Have fun copying !!!

My advice:

If you like and want to bring a little color into play, you can of course also paint the self-designed planters. As always: what is allowed is allowed.


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