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Avocado storage - How to do it right

Avocado storage - How to do it right

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Avocados can be quite delicate. Accordingly, they don't last too long. Only with the right storage do they stay fresh for a few days.

Avocados don't last very long

Basically, an avocado should only be stored until it begins to soften. Because as soon as it becomes soft, it doesn't take too long for the fruit to spoil. If the avocado is soft, it is best to process it immediately. You can use the avocado e.g. grill (more here), process into guacamole or pesto or conjure up a soup from it.

However, you can still leave the avocados that are not yet soft. However, please note the following information.

How to store avocados properly

➤ Storage of an unripe fruit:

It is best to keep an unripe fruit at room temperature. Because when it is stored in the refrigerator, the ripening process is interrupted due to the low temperature.

➤ Storage of a ripe fruit:

However, you can easily store a ripe fruit in the refrigerator for up to three days.

You should also store a sliced ​​fruit in a cool place. Here it is advisable not to remove the core, but to leave it in the avocado. The core of the fruit contains enzymes that make the avocado last longer. It is also advisable to wrap it with cling film to prevent oxygen from reaching the pulp. In this way, no discolouration can occur.