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Climbing plants on trees - not always suitable

Climbing plants on trees - not always suitable

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Ivy takes air and light from the trees

We have certainly all seen a large tree, the bark of which is overgrown by ivy or another climbing plant and often extends to the top of the tree. It looks very nice, but not all of them are Climbing plants on trees suitable.

Because the tree can suffer from it. That's why you don't have to do without tree overgrowth. It is possible if you use the right plants.

This plants are not suitablebecause they take air and light from the trees and burrow their roots under the bark:

  1. ivy
  2. celastrus
  3. Rambler roses
  4. Wisteria
  5. knotweed

There are no problems with:

  1. Clematis
  2. climbing roses
  3. Honeysuckle.

If a climbing plant is overgrown, you should refrain from letting these plants climb up on trees. This can cause the tree to suffer and, in the worst case, even die. Let extreme climbers climb up on fences or on the house wall.