Fight frost tensioners - glue rings help

Fight frost tensioners - glue rings help

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Frost-tensioners bare the leaves in spring

Especially in autumn, the frost tensioner females become active and climb up into the fruit trees. The caterpillars then eat the leaves bare in spring and affect the tree. Combat frost tensioners They are environmentally friendly and effective with self-made glue rings that are placed around the trunks.

That's how it works:

  1. Cut out paper strips or plastic strips about ten centimeters wide.
  2. Then they must be coated with a tough, non-drying adhesive. Here the females of the frost tensioner get caught and cannot crawl into the tree top to lay the eggs.
  3. The glue rings must be laid out by the end of September. For this purpose, caterpillar glue is already available in stores.
  4. It is also important that the glue rings are removed again in December and disposed of in the household waste. Otherwise the females can lay their eggs on the trunk.