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So lilac stays fresh longer - 2 tips

Lilac fades pretty quickly

Do you also love to take shoots for the vase home in spring, when the lilac is blooming, to not only enjoy the beauty of the flowers there, but also the wonderful fragrance that makes the apartment pregnant? It's just part of spring, isn't it?

Unfortunately, the flowers have often faded after a few days and no longer smell. But with a little trick - or two - lilac stays fresh longer.

Tip 1:
Cut the shoots off the bush. Please do not cancel, this damages the plant, as it is more susceptible to diseases than if a smooth cut is made. Before you put the shoots in the vase, cut the stem ends with a knife, that is, they split the ends to about five centimeters. This way they can absorb more water and stay beautiful longer.

Tip 2:
Dip the stem ends briefly in hot water before placing them in the vase. This opens the pores and the shoots can also absorb more water.

Try it, it will work for sure!