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Bridge differences in height in the garden

Bridge differences in height in the garden

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There are several ways to bridge the height differences

Gardens can be designed in a variety of ways, including different heights. That means that beds, paths, lawns or terraces are created at different heights, or already exist Differences in height in the garden must bridge.

On many plots, the house and terrace are set a lot higher than the garden itself. If this is the case, then this difference in height must be bridged well. You can do this in a variety of ways.

  1. A natural transition is probably the best way. For example, designed as a rock garden that nestles into the landscape. The prerequisite is that you have enough space to let the slope run out.
  2. Palisades made of wood or concrete are very easy to use as vertical elements. Make sure that there is some overhang at the top.
  3. A natural stone wall is also a very nice ending. Here, however, you have to work with foundations and drainage, so you should be familiar with it
  4. Setting so-called L-stones or planting elements such as precast concrete elements is also a simple and inexpensive variant.

In any case, you should insert a support, otherwise the floor could start to move.