What to do if the cherry laurel gets brown leaves

What to do if the cherry laurel gets brown leaves

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Pouring can help

Cherry laurel is a wood that is very often used as a hedge. The advantages: fast growing and very dense. This ensures optimal privacy. Now, after long, particularly persistent winter periods, you can often see that the Cherry laurel brown leaves gets.

However, this does not mean that the bush has frozen to death, but that it lacks water. This happens especially when the ground has been frozen for a long time and the roots cannot absorb any liquid.

However, anyone who believes that the cherry laurel can no longer be saved is wrong. You have two options so that it will sprout again soon.

  1. Remove the brown leaves and water it regularly. So it can quickly form new shoots and leaves.
  2. It is even better if you cut it all the way back down to the main stem and a few side shoots. Here it shoots out even faster because it can put the power directly into the existing shoots. Within a year it will be as big as before.

You cannot avoid this so-called frost drying. But you now know what it is and that the shrub is not broken.