Planting a house tree - the traditional custom

Planting a house tree - the traditional custom

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A house tree should radiate a certain security

Do you know the custom, one house tree to plants? The house tree or protective tree should give the house a distinctive character and also radiate a certain security.

If you see him, you know that you are at home here. Such a house tree should be chosen well.

Choose the location before buying

Above all, the location has to be considered. A tree grows and will be very big in ten or 20 years. If he then takes away too much light in the house, this could be a problem.

Note root formation

Root formation should also not be neglected, especially if the tree is planted near the house. And the leaves are not to be scoffed at either.

These trees are suitable as a house tree

High tribes and short stature species with which you will have no particular problems. The following are particularly suitable:

  1. the apple tree with tasty fruits
  2. the linden, which has a wonderful foliage color
  3. the maple, which forms a dense crown with its natural spherical shape
  4. the plane tree as the exotic among the house trees
  5. the ornamental cherry, which promises a splendid blossom.