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Cut single-flowering roses

Cut single-flowering roses

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Roses need a regular cut

Roses need a regular cut to look beautiful. Self single blooming roses (Climbing roses) need this. And only those who cut, but especially those who cut correctly, will avoid the fact that the roses in the lower area no longer form leaves and go bald.

Remove dead shoots

It is cut in spring. Dead shoots are completely removed. After flowering, the shoots older than four or five years should be cut off just above the ground. The remaining shoots are cleared by shortening the side shoots. However, this year's shoots should not be cut. This measure is also used for climbing roses. On the other hand, if it is Rambler roses (these are also single-flowering roses, but new varieties, the specialist trade can tell you which roses are included), on the other hand, they are only rejuvenated every four to five years. Older shoots are also cut off near the ground.

Leave young shoots

Leave the young shoots as the flowers will form there for the next year. If you keep your roses in good shape, you will always enjoy lush flowers and compact shrubs.