What is the difference between climbing plants and creepers

What is the difference between climbing plants and creepers

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Climbing plants are divided into tendrils and creepers

With annual climbing plants, you can quickly and easily achieve beautiful greenery in your own garden. It is important for growth to take into account the preferred climbing method and so they are in creepers and creepers subdivided with typical climbing behavior.

The creepers
The creepers in your own garden are formed by the pomp, the funnel, the star winds, the black-eyed Susanne, the helmet bean and the fire bean. Everyone needs rods, wires or tensioned cords, each with a rough surface, so that they can be supported in their spiral growth. They have no holding devices themselves.

The vine plants
Trellis plants, on the other hand, are already equipped with so-called holding organs. These bloomers are represented by the fragrance vetch, the asarine, the fine tendril or the bell vine as bloomers. Other flowers, such as the Canary cress, keep their petioles, but do not have climbing organs. Here, both mesh and lattice-shaped wire meshes are recommended as climbing aids. A delicate trellis construction can also provide good support for these climbers.


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