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Healthy soil in the garden - but how?

Healthy soil in the garden - but how?

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Take a closer look at the floor

Plants can only grow if one healthy soil in the garden is available. Therefore a garden does not work without proper soil. So it should be the goal of every gardener to be able to keep the ecological balance.

Test the ecological balance
The first question to be asked is whether the ecological balance in the garden is possibly disturbed. You can recognize this from a compacted soil or a soil that contains little nutrients. The best way to test this is to take a closer look at the nature of the soil and also to determine the pH value.

Don't forget to fertilize
The floor should be the focus of every garden and treated in a natural way. If nutrients are missing, don't forget to fertilize or loosen the soil a little.

Which plants for which soil
From the plants you can also see which soil you have in the garden. For example, dandelions and sage grow on very calcareous soil. Nettles show a lot of nitrogen in the soil. Humidity can be recognized by the chickweed and the real chamomile. You can also get a soil activator from the garden market to restore balance in the garden. It is important, however, that you do not interfere too much with nature.


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