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Lighting in the garden must not disturb neighbors

Lighting in the garden must not disturb neighbors

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Nice lighting in the garden is great, but if it disturbs the neighbors, you have to act.
Dim light does not bother the neighbors

You probably know this from your own garden: if you are creative, then flowers and plants are often not enough, so you also need accessories and of course one Garden lighting.

Light is often used to stage the garden in the evening or at night. A wide variety of light sources are used to illuminate the individual areas of the garden. And that can be a problem.

When the neighbor feels disturbed
Namely, when the neighbor feels disturbed by the lighting in the garden. It doesn't matter whether his house, terrace or windows are illuminated directly or only the surroundings are illuminated.

Motion sensors are allowed
If it bothers him, he can request that the lighting be switched off at night. This must be permanent lighting, light with motion sensors is excluded, as well as street lamps that are on public ground.

In order not with that neighbors To get into unnecessary quarrels, you should back off in some cases, unless you want it to matter.


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