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Fighting the earth flea - 3 tips

Cabbages and radishes, radishes and beets in particular are often exposed to a parasite in their own garden flea beetle, This shows vitality and can do a lot of damage despite its small size of 1.5 mm to 3 mm.

The earth flea is easily recognizable by the dark or yellow-striped coloring. The earth flea loves warm and dry places the most. The flea beetle to fight primarily means ...

  1. ... watering or mulching the soil regularly so that there is a constant level of moisture that the earth flea does not appreciate at all.
  2. If you also create a mixed culture of lettuce, lettuce and spinach, you will take away additional amenities from the flea in your own bed.
  3. If the earth flea does not have enough of these measures and continues to spread in the bed, then a weekly spray with wormwood or a tansy broth can make the earth flea uncomfortable and drive it out of the beds.