Create lawn in 6 steps

Create lawn in 6 steps

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The right time to create a lawn from scratch is in spring between the months of March and April. But even in summer you can start sowing and that Create a new lawn.

However, preparation for the future lawn is very important. Only when the soil is well prepared can the lawn grow and prosper.

  1. First of all, you have to completely remove weeds and dig them up.
  2. Then the surface is straightened and you have to remove the large stones with a rake. These could later interfere with mowing the lawn and the lawn does not spread evenly enough.
  3. If you want a very clean surface, you should sieve the earth again and also free it from the small stones.
  4. Only then can the small lawn seeds be brought onto the surface.
  5. If you sprinkle a small layer of earth over it, the seeds are also protected from the birds.
  6. If weeds still form during this time, they must be removed immediately. This is the only way to get a new and beautiful lawn.

Before you put on a lawn, a lot of planning and preparation is therefore necessary.