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When onion flowers wither

When onion flowers wither

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If Wilting onion flowers, then it's a sign that summer is just around the corner. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are spring bloomers, in which the leaves turn yellow and wither after flowering.

Do not remove withered leaves
This is completely normal and even if these leaves no longer look beautiful, you should not remove them. The reason: The plant uses photosynthesis to generate energy that is needed to strengthen and produce onions.

Laminate with other plants
If the withered flowers do not look beautiful, then you can hide them with plants that only bloom later. However, if the leaves are cut off too early, this process can no longer take place. So you should leave the leaves on and not take the onions out of the ground.

Do not dig out the onions
This is a subject of much controversy, because while some dig out the onions in June and then use them again in September or October, many gardeners leave the onions in the ground over the summer.

Many believe that this can result in the flowers not blooming so abundantly. This is a rumor. You should even leave the onions in the ground to avoid drying out.


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