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Spring cure for the lawn in 3 steps

Spring cure for the lawn in 3 steps

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When winter goes and spring comes, the garden needs to be cleaned up. But not only the beds have to be cleared of leaves and all sorts of dead plants, but also the race gets one spring makeover.

1. Mow the lawn
The first task must be to mow the lawn. It should be up to about 3 centimeters. This completely removes plant residues, leaves and clippings. The grass gets air again and can sprout again.

2. Scarify
If you want to do more good for the soil, you can use the scarifier. No more than half a centimeter should be scored. That is enough for the floor. If you want to do as little work as possible, choose a scarifier with an electric motor - it is not quite as strenuous.

3. Fertilize
Now add a layer of lawn fertilizer and the ground can breathe again.

Also important to know: If the lawn is still new, more precisely if it is not older than three years, you should avoid scarifying.


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