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Grill healthier with charcoal

Grill healthier with charcoal

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Use an aluminum dish when grilling

The summer evenings lure you to a small barbecue party in your own garden. Many grill masters attach great importance to charcoal because this is the only way to really develop the taste. Grilling is almost always associated with charcoal, but it's not particularly good for your health. So here are some tips like you grill healthier with charcoal.

When the fat of the meat drips into the embers, carcinogenic substances are formed. If you avoid this, grilling is less harmful.

Use aluminum shell or foil
You can use an aluminum shell or foil for this. The heat closes the pores on the meat very quickly and it can retain all the important nutrients. Therefore, the way of grilling is actually very healthy. However, you have to take the right meat. Pickled meat, for example, is quite unsuitable.

Always put meat in well
Chicken breasts, spare ribs or pork chops are very healthy. When grilling, it also plays a role that the meat is not treated directly with spices on the grill, but that it is soaked beforehand with a marinade. Fish, vegetables and cheese are also very healthy when grilling.


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