Plant cacti in the garden in summer

Plant cacti in the garden in summer

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Cacti love the sun

Fresh air sometimes works wonders. Not only with us humans, also with plants. So cacti, which are normally located in the apartment and therefore mostly on the windowsill, are grateful if they are allowed to go out. That's why you should Plant cacti in the garden in summer.

Avoid blazing sun
Everyone knows that cacti love the sun, but too much sun can also be harmful. It's hard to believe, but cacti can get sunburned. Therefore, do not put the plants in the blazing sun, but first post them in partial shade for a week. After that, it should no longer be a problem to deposit them in the sun.

Plant cacti for protection
Cacti in particular, which are usually indoors, are susceptible to wind and adverse weather conditions. That is why it should be set up protected. Places on walls have proven their worth (especially ideal because they also radiate heat at night) or in front of larger and protective plants.

Water twice a week
Although cacti need little water, if you put them outside in the sun, you should still water them twice a week. Every now and then a little fertilizer and the cacti are doing great.

Through these measures, the plants are also animated for new flower formation, which often does not occur in the apartment.


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