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Lawn edges with integrated water hose and electricity

Lawn edges with integrated water hose and power connection allow light in the garden and water at any time without the hassle of stumbling.

Two things are essential in a garden: water and light. Water so that you can water the flowers, light so that you can find your way in the dark. Both have many gardens right by the house, but both often do not extend to every corner of the garden. That's why you can come up with a nice idea that is unobtrusive and extremely practical: Lawn edges with integrated water hose and power connection.

This ensures that you never have a tangled hose lying around in the garden and that the far corner in the garden can still be brightly lit. Another advantage: you can create paths and trip hazards out of the world.

Modular system enables extensions at any time
Oh yes, and the lawn contour is of course already defined by the boundary. Can be installed anytime and anywhere. An extension is also always possible through a so-called modular system.

In addition to the practical details, you can also nicely add light points to the garden. The hose can be connected individually at designated points. Extremely practical and great to look at.