Educate tips on blackberries

Educate tips on blackberries

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Separate young and fruit rods Blackberries grow wildly if you don't keep them in check. So you have to Bring blackberries, You have to know that young rods form in the first year, while they only bear fruit in the second year and then die.

Separate young rods from fruit rods
In order not to let the blackberries grow all too wild, one should first shorten the very long rods to a maximum of three meters. Sorting also makes sense. That is, separate the young rods from the fruit rods. You can do this either by letting the rods climb up in the middle and then separating them in the upper half. On the one hand the rods that bear fruit this year, on the other hand the rods for the next year.

Tie rods in a fan shape
Alternatively, you can connect the rods alternately, i.e. in a fan shape. This is especially ideal for stingless shrubs. So the young rods have enough space to grow. Those who train their blackberries in this way always have plenty of berries to harvest and can enjoy delicious blackberries every year. This method is also suitable for raspberries.