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Protect grapes from wasps

Protect grapes from wasps

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Wasps often eat whole vines bare

When the grapes are ripe in late summer, you look forward to a rich harvest. Usually the berries in your own garden are not enough to make wine from them. But to eat them like this or to make jam and jelly they are always enough. But only if they have not been eaten by wasps beforehand. So you have to Protect wine trusts from wasps.

The sweet fragrance is of course an attractant that wasps cannot miss and damage the grapes with their sharp biting tools. Whole vines are often eaten bald. To prevent this, you should protect the grapes in good time, as early as possible.

That's how it works:

Simply put translucent bags over the vines and tie them up. This not only protects the grapes but also makes them grow more evenly. In my case, so-called “organza bags” have proven their worth. They are very close-meshed and therefore ideal as wasp protection. You can order here.

Since this is of course hard work, you should only wrap the vines that you want to consume or process afterwards.

You can then pick and eat the rest from time to time or just leave it to the wasps. By the way: bees are also attracted to the grapes, but they cannot bite the berries, they only suck on previously damaged areas.


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