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Creating paths in the garden - 3 tips

Creating paths in the garden - 3 tips

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A gravel path is not exactly cheap

Paths that you have to walk through the garden again and again, be it from the entrance of the garden to the terrace, to the garage or to the pavilion are always the same and, if they are used continuously, can leave unsightly marks on the lawn.

Therefore, you should consider whether you can not provide a remedy and variety at the same time. You can create paths in different ways, we would like to present three inexpensive variants here, which you can also lay yourself:

  1. step plates, These are laid at a comfortable walking distance, in a bed of sand or grit, sunk somewhat into the ground to make mowing the lawn easier. All types of stone or concrete slabs can be used.
  2. gravel path, A very easy way to create a path without changing the surface. Not always cheap, it depends on which gravel you use. Essential: weed fleece to stop weed growth.
  3. Mulchweg, It is even cheaper to create a path out of mulch. The underbody does not have to be worked here either, but should be equipped with a weed fleece. Warning: mulch rots and needs to be replaced from time to time.


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