Geraniums multiply in 6 steps

Geraniums multiply in 6 steps

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Multiply geraniums and save money

Geraniums can be found in almost every apartment and on almost every balcony or terrace. There are various types and colors. And even scented geraniums are commercially available. Geraniums are flowers that are stored cool and dark in winter and cut back in spring. Then they keep coming back and delight with lush flowers. If you want, you can geraniums also yourself multiplywithout having to buy it.

That's how it works:

  1. Simply cut off an approx. 5 cm long shoot tip, which must not have any flowers.
  2. Remove the lower leaves from this shoot tip, only the upper two to three remain.
  3. Now these tips are coming into soil. Make sure that the tip is only inserted into the soil to such an extent that the leaves are not covered, otherwise they can rot.
  4. Warm the cuttings and water them properly.
  5. After six weeks, roots have formed.
  6. Next spring, they can then be converted into larger, independent pots.


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