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Lobelie takes a summer break - pruning helps

Lobelie takes a summer break - pruning helps

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Cut back the lobelia after the first flowering in early summer

The lobelia already blooms in early summer. After the first splendor it does lobelia then first one summer break, which shows itself in declining bloom and often worries the hobby gardener, because the summer usually reaches the maximum amount of bloom.

Cut back the upholstery
When the lobelia retires to its summer break, hobby gardeners should simply cut back the small cushions intensively. In this way, new shoots can form, which then give the lobelia the blue bloom for the rest of the summer, which has already appeared in the garden in early summer.

You should cut these plants after the first flowering
Other bloomers also love the cut after the first intensive flowering and thank the effort with subsequent intensive flowering throughout the summer. These plants include the liver balm, which is also known as ageratum. Furthermore, the summer carnation, also known as Dianthus chinensis, likes this intense cut in summer. The salives, known as salvia, and verbena with the botanical name Verbena also feel extremely invigorated if they receive an intensive cut before the start of midsummer.