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Planting garden walls - how it works!

Planting garden walls - how it works!

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Garden walls can be turned into blooming eye-catchers with little effort. You just need to know how to properly place the plants in the wall joints.

Blue cushions are particularly suitable for wall planting

Walls in the garden are a great change as they bring structure into them and they spice up the garden. Walls are particularly beautiful when you plant the wall joints or attach hanging plants on the top. Climbing plants also look good on walls. In this way, great effects can be achieved. All you have to do is choose the right plants.

How to build the wall

A garden wall made of natural stones always looks best in the garden. To be stable, this wall should always have a foundation. The wall itself should then not be built at a right angle to the floor, but should be piled up slightly tilted back. Always use a few longer stones for stability. The easiest way is to lay the stones on filling sand. You can find detailed instructions for building a garden wall or natural stone wall here.

Which plants are suitable for wall planting?

The planting of the garden wall is very easy afterwards. You can plant anywhere that soil or sand peeps out. Wall plants need little space for this. It is only important that you choose the right plants. Depending on the location of the wall (sun or shade), you need the right plants.

Plants for sunny, dry locationsPlants for shady, moist locations
❍ blue pillow
❍ carnation
Wolf Rolled milk
❍ bellflower
❍ Fine-leaved curly herb
❍ St. John's wort
Et Fat hens
❍ Carpet phlox
Häuser Karthaus carnation
❍ pasque flower
❍ baby's breath
❍ hunger flowers
❍ Gold stonecrop
❍ Lark spur
❍ ribbon flower
Stein Waldsteinie
❍ streak fern
❍ goose cress
❍ Upholstery bellflower
❍ Spot fern
❍ gold droplets
❍ Moss saxifrage
❍ cinnamon herb
❍ Herbs like rosemary, lavender, thyme

How to plant the garden wall correctly

❶ You can plant garden walls from March to September. To do this, you first have to fill the joints with a mixture of equal parts of potting soil and coarse gravel. It works best with a narrow spoon.

❷ You can now plant the flowers in the joints. Since most potted plants are much too large for the joints, you first have to divide them into several small pieces.

❸ Now you have to put the plants deep into the joints and fill everything with substrate. Then water all the flowers carefully. Ideally with a fine jet of water, so that the substrate is not immediately rinsed out of the joints.


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