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Clematis wilt - what to do when the cleamtis wilt?

Clematis wilt - what to do when the cleamtis wilt?

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Clematis varieties that are especially grafted are susceptible to fungal attack

The clematis, originally a forest vine, has long been at home in our gardens. Some wild varieties are resistant to many diseases, others, especially grafted varieties, are very susceptible to them. Especially the so-called Clematis wilt extremely affects the climbing plants. So what to do when the cleamtis withers?

Various fungi that infest the flowers are responsible for this. There is hardly any protection against it, but you can prevent it.

  1. So the Clematisso should be planted deep into the earth so that the grafting can be found at least five centimeters below the surface of the earth. This makes it less susceptible.
  2. It is also important to protect the root area. It is best to do this with straw or bark mulch.
  3. When the wilt has grasped the clematis, you can tell very quickly from the withered and browning flowers and leaves. In order to save the plant, the withered must be cut back into the healthy wood. It is often the case that the plant is even cut just above the ground.

But don't worry, as a rule the clematis will sprout again after a few weeks.


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