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Crocuses that bloom in autumn - the saffron crocus

Crocuses that bloom in autumn - the saffron crocus

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Crocuses only bloom in spring - wrong! There are also varieties that stick their heads out of the ground in autumn. This includes, for example, the saffron crocus.

In almost every garden, mostly on the meadows, in spring, often even in winter, they are one of the first signs of spring that stick their heads out of the ground. We're talking about crocuses. Without it, a garden is simply not a real garden. But there are not only crocuses that herald the spring. There are also varieties that bloom in the fall. These include saffron crocuses, for example.

Anyone who thinks that this has something to do with the rare spice saffron is right! Because the saffron is extracted from the saffron crocus. For 1 gram you need a total of 150 saffron threads. There are two to four threads per crocus. You can certainly try to make saffron yourself, but that's probably a bottomless pit. Better plant saffron crocuses only to enjoy their beautiful sight in autumn.

How to plant saffron crocuses properly

❍ Location & Soil:

Saffron crocuses like it warm. It is therefore best to plant them in a location that is as sunny as possible. The floor should be loose and permeable there.

❍ Planting time & technique:

It is best to plant saffron crocuses from August to October. To do this, plant the saffron bulbs at a distance of 6 centimeters from each other about 10 centimeters deep. You can either spread the crocuses loosely on a bed or plant them in small groups in the bed. Saffron crocuses thrive on beds as well as in pots.

How to properly care for saffron crocuses

❍ casting:

Saffron crocuses require a lot of water. You should therefore water them regularly to promote healthy growth and flower formation. If you keep saffron crocuses in a pot, then you have to be careful not to get waterlogged, because the delicate little plants can't stand that at all.

❍ Fertilize:

You don't actually need to fertilize saffron crocuses. However, if you want to do something good for them, then fertilize your saffron crocuses with a universal fertilizer or some horn shavings.

Our tip: mix crocus varieties

If you are a true crocus fan and cannot get enough of the delicate plants, then it is best to plant different varieties that have different flowering times. So you have blooming crocuses in the garden both in spring and autumn. Recommended reading: Create your own crocus meadow in the garden.