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Harvest kiwis - how it's done!

Harvest kiwis - how it's done!

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Kiwifruit must ripen

Those who have kiwis in the garden will harvest them in November - at the latest. However, kiwis still have to ripen. The fruits are still hard at harvest and if you cut them open and eat them, you would quickly notice that the fruits are still inedible. The softer they get, the sweeter they get.

Store kiwifruit properly
If you want to eat kiwi fruit in a timely manner, place individual fruits in a fruit bowl and place them in a heated room. All other fruits should be stored in fruit boxes. Please do not stack on top of each other, otherwise the fruits can rot. Allow a row next to each other and then ripen in the basement at a maximum of 10 degrees. This then takes up to eight weeks. You have to check the kiwis again and again, sort out rotten fruit and take soft fruit with you into the apartment for consumption. If you want to store the fruit even longer, cooling down to 0 degrees is recommended. The refrigerator is also suitable for small quantities.