Wintering gladiolus - 4 important tips

Wintering gladiolus - 4 important tips

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In order for gladioli and dahlias to hibernate and to have really beautiful flowers again in the coming year, a few considerations and rules are required.

Gladiolus can be braided
  1. After excavation, the sticks are carefully dried out. Once these have dried sufficiently, all diseased parts of the tubers must be carefully trimmed.
  2. The stems of the dahlia are now reduced to a length of about 15 centimeters.
  3. gladioli can be very good at one Braid are braided in order to be able to hang up the bulb bulbs in winter and to achieve the airy and cool storage at about five degrees Celsius.
  4. Dahlias, on the other hand, must not dry out if they overwinter. They expect storage in a box filled with sand, which will then be placed in a frost-proof room in the basement. See: Wintering dahlias

In this way you can ensure that your flowers will bloom beautifully again next year.


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