Making pumpkins last longer - Here's how!

Making pumpkins last longer - Here's how!

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Fall time is pumpkin time. If you want to make your pumpkins last longer because you e.g. If you can't manage to eat them all at once, there are a few things you should consider when storing.

Pumpkins should not be harvested too early

Errors around the pumpkin
You should always make sure that you do not harvest your pumpkins too early. An early harvest can impair the shelf life and the aroma. Many people think that once they stop growing, pumpkins can be harvested. But that is a mistake. A pumpkin is ripe when the skin is hard and the stem is woody. Then it tastes best and also has all the nutrients to offer. Since you don't need all the pumpkins at once, you should store them in such a way that they last a long time. If you do it right, pumpkins can be kept for up to six months.

Store pumpkins
You should store your pumpkins at 15 to a maximum of 20 degrees, ideally in wooden boxes or on the floor. So that the pumpkins do not get any pressure marks, it is best to store them on polystyrene. Since pressure points can soften and rot very quickly, you have avoided this problem. The small ornamental gourds that you can use to decorate your home and garden in autumn can also be made to last longer in this way.