Correctly interpreting plant diseases - 8 important characteristics

Correctly interpreting plant diseases - 8 important characteristics

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Sheets speak their own language, especially when they are sick. With the help of our features you can correctly interpret plant diseases.

On the basis of the leaves one can interpret different diseases

Here are 8 features that will help you to interpret:

  1. If the leaves of trees turn yellow-green and at the same time brown spots form, a lack of magnesium is to blame. Fertilization helps.
  2. If the leaves turn brown from the edge, then potassium deficiency is probably to blame.
  3. If the leaves brighten and become pale, then either the irrigation water is too hard or the plant suffers from an iron deficiency.
  4. If the leaf margins are discolored brown, different causes can be responsible for this. Too much water, too little water, too dry air, used soil or over-fertilization.
  5. If only the tip of the leaf turns brown, this is due to soil that is too dry or air that is too dry.
  6. If the leaves turn yellow, the location is too cool or too dark, too much has been watered or the plant suffers from a lack of nitrogen.
  7. If you observe growths that look like cork spots, then an extreme temperature change is usually to blame. Too little light or too much water can also be the cause.
  8. Rolled up leaves indicate damage to the roots, too dry root balls or too dry air.


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