Vegetable garden in November - 4 important tips

Vegetable garden in November - 4 important tips

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When autumn has arrived and the garden is no longer blooming a lot, it becomes calmer. However, your vegetable garden will still keep you busy in November.

Protect your sage from frost

Vegetable garden in November - 4 important tips
We would like to give you 4 important tips here that you shouldn't miss in November:

  1. Store potatoes correctly. Before potatoes come into the cool cellar, they should be stored at temperatures of up to 20 degrees for two weeks. This corks the skin and the potatoes last many weeks longer.
  2. Protect sage from frost. Even if the spice is hardy due to the fact that sage does not shed the leaves, the plants can easily freeze to death. Protect the shrubs with branches.
  3. Harvest Brussels sprouts in good time. If you want to freeze Brussels sprouts, you should have done the harvest before the first frost. Use only firm florets for this.
  4. Create an asparagus bed for the coming year. Asparagus in your own garden? Why not?! You can prepare the bed for this in November: the earth is dug up to 40 centimeters and mixed with semi-mature compost.


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