Garden plan - why you should create one!

Garden plan - why you should create one!

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Creating a garden plan makes sense. You can find out here why I use a garden plan and which 3D garden planner software I work with.

A garden plan helps to determine the plants - First I was smiled at in my family for sitting down at the computer, drawing up a plan of our garden and drawing the plants and flowers in it. I was asked what I would need a garden plan for. You would see what grows where.

Well, you can see that in summer when all the plants are in full bloom. But what is in spring? Who can memorize all the plants that have ever been planted in a, say, 200 square meter garden? No human! And that is exactly why such a garden plan is a useful thing.

Garden plan provides an overview

But not only to be able to determine the plants at any time, but also so that they do not accidentally pluck them out. Because this is a danger that should not be underestimated. Especially in spring, when the flowers stick their heads out of the ground, they can easily be mistaken for weeds. If you have a garden plan, you will have fewer problems here.

And last but not least, a garden plan also helps to put the plants in the right places. Whether sun, penumbra or shade, the plan always shows where there is still space for something new to buy. Practical, isn't it?

3D garden planner
I created the whole thing with the 3D garden planner "The big house & garden package". This software is really ingeniously easy to use and still has a lot of functions. The plant database in 3D is also great. You get to know all the plants that grow in the garden.