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Vegetables in winter - 2 tips

Vegetables in winter - 2 tips

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Kale is largely weather-resistant

When it comes to the subject Vegetables in winter goes, then many immediately remember the keyword kale and Brussels sprouts. This is because these vegetables are harvested in winter.

Vegetables in winter - 2 tips
Kale and Brussels sprouts are two types of vegetables that do not break down even in cold temperatures and continue to grow. Brussels sprouts and kale also tolerate values ​​below 0 degrees Celsius. Both plants are quite undemanding, but with the help of our tips you can ensure that your harvest is even more lush.

  1. If the weather changes frequently between frost and thaw and there is also wet and cold weather, then you should protect or harvest the Brussels sprouts. Otherwise, the florets would suffer from the strong changes in the weather. Even if the cabbages are still very small, you can freeze them.
  2. The kale, however, is largely weather-resistant. It thrives in cold, wet and also thawing conditions (to the chagrin of some children). If you want to harvest kale well into the winter, then you should cut off the middle shoot, which can be found under the leaf crop. As a result, new shoots grow from the leaf axils - and that all winter. By the way: younger and light green leaves have a much better taste. Just pay attention to it when harvesting. You will definitely taste a difference.